Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to Keep 1 Healthy?

I'm on this silly mission to keep Cara healthy until after her surgery. I say silly because it seems next to impossible to keep 1 child sick when her siblings are sneezing and slobbering all around her! Allie is just a non-stop booger factory. When you put a Kleenex up to her face she blows raspberries at you...always such a silly girl!

Eli's barking cough could rival any dog in the neighborhood. He is so stuffed up and just not himself. Brady seems to be on the verge of coming down with it, lots of sneezes, but so far no stuffy nose.

You know how I don't really love the heat, but I do miss the sickness-free days of summer. It seems as though someone is always coming down with something during the months of October-March! I took Cara out this morning with me. We went to lunch and to the grocery store. I'm SO not used to running errands with a toddler. It takes me about twice as long to do anything, but I saw the world in a whole new way through her eyes. I've never looked up at the ceiling in a grocery store, but Cara had a MILLION questions like "What's that mommy? Why is that up there mommy? Ooo...I think it is scary mommy up there!" I also got thoroughly embarrassed when my little princess decided to pull personal items out of my purse and wave them around when I was at the deli counter. Thank you to the lady buying a pound of salami who definitely saw this whole incident, but definitely saw this happening, and smiled at me with a "Oh sweetie, I've been there" look at on her face. I can't wait to share all of these stories with Cara someday.

After naps, Matt took the kids for a long walk while I made dinner. I figured the fresh air would help everyone feel better. I stayed home and made pork loin and the most delicious apple dessert. I did get that baking cabinet cleaned out, and purchased many new staples to start baking again.

If Cara is still feeling okay tomorrow, her and I will head to church. Her surgery is scheduled for 8:30am Monday. I'm so glad it is that early! We will have to leave here by 7:30...hopefully just get her out of bed and go. I'm so happy that Matt is coming with us. Please keep Cara in your prayers this weekend and Monday. We are praying that God would heal her eye problem through this procedure and that she would not experience any complications. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for our family:)


  1. I will keep Cara in my prayers and know that all will be okay. I continue to pray for you all daily. I let people know how well the Williams family is doing and they are amazed at how well it is all going. I keep saying God is in control, maybe they will start to believe it. You both have amazing faith and continue to be a witness to others throughout your ordeals. Thank you Meagan and Matt and your beautiful family.

  2. Sending my love and prayers to all, especially Cara. I will be praying for you and her tomorrow.

    Rest in God's presence,
    Deb R.

  3. Prayers for healing...HE HEARS US!!!


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